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Bullying in Schools: A New Approach

The RE:BULLYING presentation and attendant workshops addressing school bullying have proven to be highly effective in creating a powerful and positive impact on learners, teachers, parents, and administrators.

This comprehensive program focuses on raising awareness, building empathy, teaching conflict resolution, and establishing a safe and inclusive school environment.

Here is how each group benefits from the program:


Increased Awareness: The presentation and workshops introduce students to various forms of bullying, helping them understand what constitutes bullying behavior and its harmful effects on victims.

Empathy Development: Through interactive activities and discussions, students gain a deeper understanding of the emotional toll bullying takes on victims, fostering empathy and compassion.

Conflict Resolution Skills: Workshops provide students with practical strategies to address conflicts and disagreements constructively, reducing the likelihood of resorting to bullying behavior.

Empowerment: The program empowers students to become “upstanders” instead of bystanders, teaching them how to intervene when they witness bullying and create a supportive peer network.


Enhanced Awareness and Intervention: The workshops equip educators to recognize subtle signs of bullying and intervene effectively. Teachers can identify victims and bullying behaviours more easily, creating a safer classroom environment.

Effective Classroom Management: Educators gain insights into managing conflicts and fostering respectful communication among students. This contributes to a more positive learning atmosphere.

Resource Integration: Educators receive tools and resources to incorporate bullying mitigation strategies into their curriculum, reinforcing the lessons learned in the workshops throughout the school year.

Improved Relationships: Educators build stronger connections with students by addressing bullying, promoting trust and open communication.


Education and Support: Parents attending the presentation are equipped with a better understanding of the signs of bullying, helping them identify if their child is being bullied or exhibiting bullying behavior.

Collaboration with School: The presentation encourages parents to collaborate with the school in addressing bullying issues, fostering a partnership that benefits both students and the school community.

Communication Skills: Parents learn effective communication techniques to engage with their children about bullying, allowing for open conversations and support at home.


Data-Driven Decision-Making: The program provides administrators with insights into the prevalence and nature of bullying within the school. This data informs targeted interventions and policy adjustments.

Cultivating Positive School Culture: “RE: BULLYING” supports administrators in creating a positive school culture that values inclusivity, respect, and empathy.

Policy Enhancement: Based on program outcomes and participant feedback, administrators can update and strengthen bullying policies, ensuring they are comprehensive and effective.

Community Engagement: Administrators can engage with parents and community members through the workshops, fostering a sense of collective responsibility in addressing bullying.

RE:BULLYING in Schools


Our RE: BULLYING workshops provide actionable solutions to schools equipping them with the tools to address bullying and its far-reaching consequences.

Our approach focuses on harm reduction, which involve conflict resolution strategies involving all stakeholders. We also encourage policies that provide remidation and learning opportunities for both the victim and the perpetrator.

Re:Bullying Resources for School


Whether you're a concerned parent, educator, or student, you'll find informative articles, practical guides, expert advice, and downloadable materials that can help you understand, mitigate, and reduce the harm from bullying effectively.

From strategies to support victims to insights on promoting a culture of kindness, our resources are your trusted ally in the fight against bullying.

It was brave, enlightening, honest and essential for young people … and old. A ‘must- hear’ heartwarming experience.
Daphne Kuhn, Theatre Producer
Theatre on the Square
Part play, part talk, part trigger videos, part trigger images, part monologue, part dialogue but entirely entertaining, enrapturing and moving.
Lorraine Srage, Principal
King David High School, Linksfield
This presentation is a much needed platform that encourages discussion on a usually taboo and distasteful subject.
Bryan Hill, General Manager
Teatro Montecasino
This has started important conversations within the school community as well as ignited ideas for much-needed campaigns.
Meryl Malkin, Head Counsellor,
King David High School, Linksfield
Raw, authentic and relevant. Being witness to the incredible vulnerability of Bryan and Clinton and the choices they made was a privilege.
Jenny Gobetz, HOD, Social Work Department
King David High School, Linksfield
Life Changing and Changing Lives! A rare and authentic privilege. A brave story that should be heard by all.
Shelly Freinkel, Head of School
King David Primary School, Linksfield
Your story makes me weep. Brave. Cathartic. Relatable.
Lynn Joffe
This powerful performance dialogue between the two individuals gave our students further insight into the hurt and harm associated with bullying that takes place in schools.
Andrew Baker, Principal
King David High School, Victory Park
As a psychologist who has worked with both bullies and victims, I recommend this moving presentation. It is honest and thought- provoking and I think their story resonates with all of us.
Nicole Canin
Riveting, astounding, revealing, insightful, and incredibly thought-provoking.
Joseph Gerassi
Executive Head, Redhill School
A hard-hitting performance tackling issues that are hard to talk about, but so very important. Thank you for adapting the performance and making it accessible to Deaf learners.”
Ingrid Parkin, Principal
St. Vincent School for the Deaf
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Bryan Schimmel

Bryan Schimmel is a celebrated and multi-award-winning music director, arranger, and musical performer in South Africa who has conducted major productions across the globe.

Clinton Fein

Clinton Fein is a renowned writer and artist who has lived in the USA for the past 38 years. He has exhibited his work in major cities around the world. He is also an activist who has successfully championed social issues against the US Navy and the US Government before the US Supreme Court.

In Summary

The RE: BULLYING presentation and complementary workshops have a powerful and positive impact on learners, teachers, parents, and administrators by fostering awareness, empathy, conflict resolution skills, and a safe school environment. By addressing bullying comprehensively, this program contributes to creating a more respectful, supportive, and inclusive educational environment for all stakeholders.

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